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The Gallery, Fradley Junction, Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire , DE13 7DN, UK
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Our head office is at The Gallery, Fradley Junction, Burton Upon Trent, Staffordshire, DE13 7DN.

We are the Nationwide Boat Sales Specialist..

We sell boats from Marinas and from there home moorings all over the Country.

Please contact us before setting out to find out the boats location and if it’s still available.

WE CAN OFFER MOORINGS with all of the boats that we sell subject to availability.

Please visit our web site and view the buyers or sellers pages to see the benefits of buying or selling through Great Haywood Boat Sales....

We can sell your boat from its home mooring anywhere in the country (We travel to you) or you can bring it to one of the locations that we operate from to sell it.

There is no guide regards how to value a boat correctly. This comes from decades of experience and selling 1000s of boats. You need to sell with a broker that is not going to under value your boat or to over value it and then not able to sell it. This could cost you tens of thousands of pounds if your vessel is undervalued and months of frustration if its not sold because the valuation is not correct. We will not overvalue your vessel to get you on our books and to make us look busy. Every boat is bespoke and therefor the value and price differs. Sell via our excellent Nationwide brokerage because we have decades of experience and we have sold 1000s of boats.

Instead of you trudging around the country inspecting every boat that might be of interest to you and wasting hours, days, weeks of your time, simply call us about any boat on our website and we will be able to talk through the detail with you, including layout, facilities, features, and so on. If you are not sure what you are looking for then call us and we will work with you to put together a list of your requirements and criteria. We will then arrange for you to view boats that fit your criteria. We are not just a broker we offer a consultancy service to help you buy your dream boat which will save you hours of your time and money.

You can part exchange your boat, car, campervan, caravan, motorbike, van, against any of the boats that we have for sale.

Before you visit us ..... We welcome visitors seven days a week between 10am - 5pm Mon to Sat and 10am to 4pm Sunday. We ask you to phone because:

1) You need to know that the boat(s) you wish to view is (are) still available before you travel and to find out where the boats are moored because we sell boats all over the country and we operate from many different marina and we also sell boats from their home moorings.

2) Our aim is to spend quality time with visitors. If you need advice the team are here to talk about all aspects of narrowboating, but please phone 01889 881960 before you visit.

Thank you and good luck from the team with either selling or buying your dream boat.

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48ft Cruiser 48' £36,950UK
50ft Trad 50' £52,950UK
Princess 286 Riviera 28' £32,950UK
70ft Semi-Trad 70' £72,950UK
58ft Cruiser 58' £44,950UK
30ft Cruiser 30' £13,500UK
54ft Cruiser 54' £39,950UK
60ft Cruiser 60' £49,950UK
55ft Trad 55' £34,950UK
46ft Semi-Trad 46' £42,950UK
60ft Trad 60' £64,950UK
55ft by 10ft Widebeam Cruiser 55' £69,950UK
Fairline Sprint 21 21' £9,950UK
60ft Semi-Trad 60' £54,950UK
56ft Trad 56' £59,950UK
53ft Semi-Trad 53' £34,950UK
58ft Semi-Trad 58' £57,950UK
70ft Tug Cruiser 70' £99,950UK
45ft Trad 45' £44,950UK
45ft Cruiser 45' £42,950UK
57ft Cruiser 57' £52,950UK
40ft Semi-Trad 40' £32,950UK
30ft Cruiser 30' £43,500UK
60ft Trad 60' £48,950UK
57ft Semi-Trad 57' £34,950UK
50ft Trad 50' £27,950UK
65ft 6" Cruiser 65' 6" £84,950UK
52ft Semi-Trad 52' £54,950UK
30ft Cruiser 30' £29,950UK
40ft Semi-Trad 40' £39,950UK
57ft Trad 57' £49,950UK
30ft Trad 30' £17,950UK
57ft Trad 57' £37,950UK
70ft Trad 70' £52,950UK
57ft 8" Semi-Trad 57' 8" £74,950UK
65ft by 12ft Widebeam Cruiser 65' £119,950UK
55ft Trad 55' £44,950UK
60ft Tug Trad 60' £64,950UK
58ft Trad 58' £42,950UK
Shetland 245 24' £62,950UK
26ft GRP Cruiser 26' £2,995UK
57ft Cruiser 57' £16,750UK
33ft Cruiser 33' £17,950UK
Linssen Grand Sturdy 339 AC 10.34m £129,950UK
60ft Cruiser 60' £49,950UK
42ft Semi-Trad 42' £34,950UK
Selling a property to fund a boat? 57' UK
50ft Cruiser 50' £24,950UK
46ft Cruiser 46' £9,950UK
70ft Tug Style Trad 1895 70' £79,950UK
Maxum 2400 SE 24' £32,950UK
36ft Cruiser 36' £29,950UK
62ft Tug Trad 62' £74,950UK
GulfStream 820 27' £8,950UK
68ft by 12ft Replica Dutch Barge 68' £215,000UK
Fairline 21 Weekender 21' £9,950UK
60f 8" Trad 60' 8" £69,950UK
48ft Trad 48' £9,995UK
60ft Cruiser 60' £34,950UK
60ft Trad 60' £44,950UK
Boats Wanted 57' UK
71ft by 7ft Trad 71' £39,950UK
Boats Wanted 57' UK
58ft Semi-Trad 58' £44,950UK
50ft Trad 50' £24,950UK
Bruce Roberts Spray 45 57' £199,950UK
Oyster 495 49' £149,950UK
42ft Cruiser 42' £22,450UK
60ft Trad 60' £44,950UK
Princess V48 Wanted 48' UK
SeaDoo Wake 155   £9,950UK

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