S2C 45

The S2C 45 is based on the basic principles that have made the success and the reputation of Swiss Catamaran Concept: a flawless construction, marine qualities associated with optimal performances and comfort.

Ideally suited for people who navigate shorthanded – couples or families – the S2C 45 can easily be sailed single handed. All maneuvers are indeed centralized at the center of the roof, near the helm.

The S2C 45 is particularly well suited for couples and families, with the parent’s bedroom in one hull and the children’s bedroom in the other one, with enough space left to welcome friends in an independent cabin. The interior is very comfortable; it is aimed at reducing the nuisances from the waves, with the beds facing the direction of the navigation.

The S2C 45 is adapted to the Nordic market and he can sail through the dams in Germany, Holland and other Nordic countries. Its price is competitive; it includes anything needed to sail offshore as soon as the boat comes out of the yard, including a tender, four sails, a generator, electronics and electricity, a TV, a fridge, a freezer and much more.


Design:Sébastien Schmidt
Length:14.0 m
Width:7.50 m
Under water clearance (dagger-boards up):1.00 m.
Under water clearance (dagger-boards down):2.80 m.
Light Displacement:11.0 t
Total Displacement:14.5 t
Table seating:8 people
OffsMainsail:69.5 m2
Inside configuration:Gennaker: 85 m2

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